Relaxation and vitality for body and mind

You have had physical and mental complaints for a long time. You experience pressure all day; the physical and mental strain is high.

You feel like you must meet expectations at work and in your personal life, but this takes a lot of energy after some time. You make intensive and long working days and “must” also do everything. Maybe FOMO is bothering you? Do you set the bar extremely high all the time? Are you a perfectionist? This ultimately comes at the expense of yourself and your environment and after a longer period leads to feeling of exhaustion, overload, a “short fuse”.

Do you recognize this?

You feel the pressure of all the obligations; a feeling of falling short on multiple fronts and you come last.
Your head and your body say "NO" but still you do "yes."
You sleep poorly, get out of bed tired and experience general malaise.
You feel like you are always going over your own borders and you are feeling lethargic, exhausted, you 'can't anymore' and you are terribly tired.

You are an employer and you want to make a coaching program available to your employee?

As an employer you want to take good care of your employees. It is in the interest of your people and of the organization that your employees are vital and work with focus and motivation. However, there may be times when your employees could use some support. You identify overload and stress-related complaints or insufficient challenge, many physical and/or mental complaints, lack of focus, lack of self-confidence or an employee that needs orientation towards a career. These are all examples in which personal coaching outside the organization can help your employee to find the balance (again).

You can offer your employee a tailor-made coaching program from the training and development budget, which generally leads to more vitality, a happier and healthier employee and thus better performance and less absenteeism.

I can tell you more about this in a personal conversation. You can reach me on telephone number: 06 53 765 298.

Fortunately, your body is the perfect indicator telling you how you are doing.

Mental complaints often express themselves physically. Blockages and physical complaints such as headache, back pain, abdominal pain, fatigue and insomnia are often signals of stress and tension. However, if you pay insufficient attention to your body’s signals, thoughts and feelings can completely control you and make you physically and mentally ill. Symptom control only gives temporary relief but does not solve the problem.

Above all, you need peace in your body and your mind and for understanding and recognition for the situation you find yourself in. But you also want to understand the why of the current situation.  You do not know how to achieve this because you are doing everything you can to get back on your feet and get fit. And that just makes you seem to get more tired.

 If there is no illness or physical cause for your symptoms, then these complaints usually do not need to be treated by a doctor. But fortunately, there is something to be done about these complaints.

I’m helping you to regain vitality.

Unwind, relax, rebuild your energy and learn to enjoy work and private life again.

By raising awareness of physical and emotional signals and by intervening on time, you can learn to deal with (own) expectations, objectives and (social) obligations without going beyond your own limits; you have more control and can feel good again and (finally) be yourself.

As a coach, masseur and psychologist I guide you so that you can find and change the underlying and real cause of your complaints. You will again do what feels good and is right for you.

I am helping you get rid of physical exhaustion and turmoil in your head. I help you find a good energy balance and sustainable vitality. A situation in which you also pay attention to yourself and your needs and wishes, without abandoning your professional ambitions.

 You are going to sleep better again, reduce your headaches and other physical symptoms. You will enjoy the fun things of life again and get the pleasure in your work back.

I would like to help you let go of your turmoil and rebuild your energy.


I help you to become aware of your physical complaints, your feelings (fear, anger, pain, sadness, joy) and thoughts and the way they express themselves to you; mentally and physically. You learn that you have a great influence on your well-being.

We do this in two ways:

Many physical complaints are stress related. I am helping you become aware of what your body is telling you. We do this through body awareness. I will let you feel where the tension is. I will help you with tension relief and give you tips to get started at home so that physical stress complaints do not continue to build up.

In addition, we will work with your thought patterns, behavior and beliefs and learn to use them in a way that they work for you. You are going to use your thought patterns in a constructive way instead of getting out of the way. That is how you can build mental resilience.

So, you learn:

How to unwind in your body and your mind
How you can rebuild your energy level and feel fit again
How you get back to time for yourself and relaxation
How to regain pleasure from work and private life

Do you want to get started on this?

During a coaching process it is important that there is mutual trust. In a first appointment of more than 1 hour we will meet and work with your question from different angles. I will make you feel and experience how I work and you can judge whether my way of working suits you. In any case, you will gain new experiences and go home with new insights. For many people, a first conversation is an eye-opener with which they can get started themselves.

  • A first interview in my practice costs € 100. Employers that reimburse coaching pay € 150 for 1 single session.

After this first interview I make a proposal for a coaching programme. This generally consists of a series of 5, 8 or 15 sessions. The cost of this for private persons is as follows:

  • 5 sessions in a 3-month period: €475
  • 8 sessions in a 5-month period: € 740
  • 15 sessions in a period of 8 months: €1,350

Employers who reimburse coaching pay:

  • 5 sessions in a 3-month period: € 725
  • 8 sessions in a 5-month period: € 1.120
  • 15 sessions in a period of 8 months: € 2.100


Do you want to make an appointment or do you want more information first?

Please call me on 06 53 765 298 to consult. I will be pleased to tell you more.

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