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Relaxation massage

Everyone’s favourite

A relaxation massage is a wonderful way to let body and mind completely unwind. A moment really for yourself in which you do not have to do anything at all, away from all the incentives and obligations of everyday life. It is a nurturing form of touch in both physical and emotional terms. During a relaxation massage you can just enjoy, while the effect goes deeper. Allow yourself (or anyone else) this ultimate relaxation. 

  • A relaxation massage reduces stress: Your head settles down and you will find that it allows you to sleep better, but also to think more clearly.

  • It softens the muscle tension and stiffness in your body, making it easier to move.

  • Blood flow in the tissues improves the removal of waste and reduces muscle knots. By improved waste disposal, the body can also absorb nutrients more quickly, increasing resistance.

  • You feel reborn and relaxed.

  • A moment for yourself and wonderful way to be out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life: nothing at all.

  • 90 mins: € 99
  • 60 mins: € 67,50


  • 1 x 30 mins  € 39
  • 5 x 30 mins  € 185 (5% discount)
  • 10 x 30 mins € 351 (10% discount)

Head (ache) Massage

(Including neck and shoulders)

Did you get up today with a headache and want a headache massage? Contact me right now: What’s app me on 06 53 765 298. I will try to help you today in a 30-minute appointment.

Do you recognize this?
  • The pain is on both sides of your head, around your head or in the neck.

  • The pain is pressing, pinching or like a tight band around your head.

  • The muscles of your shoulders, neck and skull are often extra sensitive.

  • Sometimes your eyes have a burning sensation and you would most like to close them.

  • You do not feel fit by headaches.

Then a headache massage can help.

Did you know that about 20% of people have headaches at least 1 day a week?

About 20% of people have headaches at least one day a week. Children also sometimes suffer from headaches on a regular basis. There are several causes of headaches such as: flu, colds, sinus inflammation, poor sleep, tension headaches and migraines. Tension headache is one of the most common types of headache. A good massage can greatly reduce the symptoms or even remedy them completely.

The cause of tension headaches is not always clear, but tension can cause the headache to persist. This can take from a few hours to days. Often you can still do your daily work, but you do not feel fit and you always have a nagging or even throbbing feeling in your head.

During a headache massage, the attention is mainly to neck and shoulder muscles, face and head. With the help of relaxed strokes and pressure point techniques, the headache will greatly reduce or even disappear. The duration of a headache massage is at least 30 minutes. Do you want to know what you can do for headaches yourself? Then read my blog >>

Children/adolescents and headaches

Even at a young age, tension headaches sometimes occur regularly. They too often already experience stress in our busy society. It is also nice for children and adolescents to get a headache massage. They will have quick relief from the symptoms and will sleep better. Of course, one of the parents/carers can be present during the massage of their child.

Back pain massage 

Do you suffer from stuck neck and shoulders or do you suffer from middle or low back pain? And do you want quick relief from your complaints?

A massage of neck, shoulders and back can significantly reduce the symptoms. During this massage, the deeper tissues are loosened with smooth and calm strokes. Muscle knots are tackled more firmly with oppressive movements.  A single massage can give a nice relief of the complaints. A regular massage can also work preventively.

Types of back pain

Low, middle and high back pain are quite common, as are complaints in the neck and shoulders. Of the more than 2 million (2018) people familiar at the gp with neck and back problems, about 845,000 had long-term or chronic complaints.

Stuck neck and shoulders

Stuck shoulders and neck are often caused by prolonged muscle tension. This can be achieved by working or sitting in the same (or wrong) position for a long time: for example, an excessively high desk or a wrong height of your screen.  But long-term use of mobile or tablet often leads to neck and shoulder problems. Also, some professions easily lead to neck, shoulder and back problems, such as musicians or dentists. You continuously tighten your muscles unilaterally, causing them to become overloaded. This can also lead to headaches. It becomes more and more difficult to relax your muscles yourself. Read more about the causes of back, neck and shoulder pain in my blog

Low back pain

Pain in the back is common. Often it is a nagging pain that can arise suddenly or more gradually.

  • Certain movements or postures can be very painful.
  • Sometimes moving almost fails because of the pain.
  • If you have sat still, your back may feel stiff.
  • Sometimes the pain radiates to one or both thighs (this used to be called sciatica).

This is called “ordinary back pain.” Fortunately, there is often no reason to believe that there is permanent damage or illness. But back pain can affect your daily life a lot.

Massage techniques

It is not clear exactly how back pain occurs. But tension, a lot of (skewed) standing, a lot of (crooked) sitting, a wrong posture, slack abdominal muscles and slack back muscles can give back pain. Muscles and ligaments are then wrongly burdened for a long time and thus overloaded. This leads to back pain. But also an irregular life can lead to back pain.

There are several massage techniques that can relieve back pain. Depending on the severity of the complaint, the relaxing and/or connective tissue techniques are applied. This is an effective way to give relaxation in the (lower, middle or upper) back.

After a back-pain massage, the back can be a bit sensitive at first, but this quickly disappears and gives way to a relaxed feeling and relief of muscle tension. If you regularly undergo a back massage you will notice that this also works preventively and you also know better what you can do about the symptoms. I give you tips and exercises that you can do at home. Every day 10 minutes help to reduce your symptoms.

  • 90 mins: € 99
  • 60 mins: € 67,50


  • 90 mins: € 99
  • 60 mins: € 67,50

Leg and foot massage

Do your feet feel tired at the end of the day? Do you have a profession or hobby for which you walk or stand all day? Or are you an intensive athlete, runner/hiker? And maybe you even have pain in your feet or (lower) legs?

Then a leg and foot massage are a wonderful relaxation!

If you have never had a massage, then a leg and foot massage is a great way to discover the benefit of massages. Not only your legs and feet, but your whole body and your mind will enjoy the relaxation.

  • Give your legs and feet a delicious massage with frictions, strokes and kneading
  • Tension slowly slips away from you; your legs and feet relax and your mind comes to rest
  • Blood circulation improves (dilating blood vessels and increasing the temperature of your feet)
  • Your legs and feet stay supple and flexible
Just a little more...

Did you forget to cut your nails, or is there some nail polish? Do you think you should have haired your legs? No problem! There is only one thing that matters: that you will enjoy a soothing massage and relax.

Please note that you cannot undergo a leg/foot massage if you suffer from thrombosis, fungal or lime nails or inflammation on your foot(s).

Pregnancy massage and massage in side position

Many people have heard of pregnancy massage that is often given in the side position. But did you also know that for many people it is nice to be massaged in the side position?

Why is this so good?

  • it is suitable for people who cannot lie on their back or stomach (for a long time), for example the consequences of a hernia
  • it feels less vulnerable to some than the supine or prone position; it gives a safe and secure feeling
  • neck and shoulders are very easy to reach and treat
  • it is a massage with warm oil and soft, flowing strokes that achieve a wonderful deep relaxation

This makes side-lying massage also very suitable for pregnant women and women who have recently given birth.

How does pregnancy massage work?

How does side-lying massage work?

You sit on the massage table with your underpants on, after which you lie on your favorite side. Your head is supported with a pillow. We also use a pillow for side sleepers that you can use for your legs, but also (if you like) for your stomach and your upper arm. It is important that you are completely comfortable.

The massage itself

Then I start with a gentle head massage, neck massage and then I go from the back to your legs, feet and through the front of your body I slowly work from your feet back to your head. Then you turn on your other side and I repeat this massage so that your body is fully massaged at the end.

You may occasionally fall asleep during the massage and start to snore. Or maybe your belly is going to bubble up a lot. That’s all fine and a sign that you’re relaxing.

At the end of the massage you take the time to come out of your deep relaxation, you will move your arms and legs again and do some stretching. If it is more difficult for you to sit up again, I will guide you while you have completely wrapped the soft massage cloth. I always accompany pregnant ladies when sitting up and getting off the massage table. You get dressed again and you get a glass of water and then we come to the end. You will now go home very relaxed!

  • 90 mins: € 99
  • 60 mins: € 67,50

Looking for a nice and personal gift?

A birthday, Mother's Day, thank you, or just a nice present? Then a gift voucher for relaxing massage is the perfect choice! When you give a relaxing massage gift you give a very personal gift and give someone a wonderful moment for themselves to relax completely. Who doesn't want that?

Of course the gift voucher is festive and beautifully wrapped.

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