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Margriet Wolters

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My passion: PEOPLE!

I love people and I help the hardworking professional find relaxation and vitality.

I specialize in body awareness by massage and coaching when experiencing muscle tension, overload, stress and burnout. This combination works, makes me unique and is solution oriented.

You are in good hands with me

Psychology: a good choice

From an early age I have had a huge passion for people: why do people do what they do, how do they develop, what choices do they make and what consequences does this have for their well-being, health and work-life balance? My choice to study psychology was therefore a very logical one and turned out to suit me very well.

In addition, I was always interested in physical movement and its effects on the body. I have always exercised a lot and started to experience more consciously how my body gives signals about my well-being and how I can affect my vitality myself.

Workload and always incentives around you

Completely in line with my interest in people I started working as an A&O psychologist and HR manager in international organizations. As a mother of children, I saw more and more clearly how high the workload is and what “obligations” our society imposes. I have also experienced how difficult it is often to find a good balance between hard work and taking enough recovery time and time for yourself and your family.

 Anytime, anywhere all around us are stimuli that demand our attention. Many of us struggle with dilemmas like wanting to relax but not getting this done, wanting peace of mind but doesn’t work out, not being able to find time for yourself and family, fatigue symptoms while you want to be energized, doing YES but actually wanting to say NO, wanting to take back control of our own choices but not getting this done etc.

(Lack of) vitality turned out to be an increasingly important theme in my work and my need to guide people to a fitter body and head was getting bigger.

Physical complaints due to mental tension

Also, more and more often (and I have experienced this myself), people have physical symptoms that cannot be explained by illness or physical cause (up to 40% of consultations with the general practitioner are about physical complaints for which no or insufficient somatic explanation is found – source: These physical complaints are often the result of mental tension. They have a clear signal function, but often we are not (sufficiently) aware of this or do little or nothing with it.

Body awareness

Because my passion is to take care of people and help them to find relaxation, a good balance and more vitality I have started to deepen myself and this has brought me to massage and body awareness.  By experiencing myself what touch and body awareness means, I have personally experienced what it is like to be able to really relax. And to learn to perceive where tension is building up in your body.  And how much we often “live in our heads”; We think a lot, but do we also feel how we are doing?

 It is a shame to miss the signals of our bodies. Our body tells us how we are doing. The moment you are aware that body and mind are inextricably connected, you can deal with the stress complaints much better. Massage and body awareness have become essential for me in guiding people in relaxing body and mind and becoming vital. I have discovered the importance of touch and I experience that hands can heal. I am now an experienced masseur and an approachable coach. Massage and coaching turn out to be a golden combination to work effectively and solution-oriented on physical and mental complaints in a positive way. And how nice it is to be able to massage! My profession is my passion and I continue to develop in massage, health and vitality. This for me is a candy store of information and possibilities that I can use to help people.

I like to help you let go of your anxiety and rebuild your energy.

What I can do for you

I have genuine interest and attention for people, I like to take good care of people and am a good masseur, coach and advisor. Because of my long experience I can teach people how to relax and coach them. I can perceive, feel, listen and help with body awareness. Through my great love for people, my knowledge and my ability to create body awareness and ask the right questions, people can learn to relax and regain control of the choices they make and thus find a new, good balance. All this in a nice soothing space where you can be all yourself. You are in good hands with me!

 People experience me as a professional masseur, a calm and pleasant conversation partner, who can listen well, asks the right questions and provides practical tips. Always with the aim of helping you further. Someone who can create the right atmosphere for relaxation and make people aware of their patterns and the role they themselves have in their path to balance and vitality.


And further……

I am married and mother to an adult daughter and son. I love yoga, skiing, hiking, the silence and wonders of nature, traveling, cooking and eating good food (Italian!), homemade cappuccinos and dark chocolate. I like good conversations and connecting with people, I read a lot and love a good party but also time for myself to recharge. And oh yes, I love our cat Abel!

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