Massage at the sea

at Golfslag Wassenaar

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Massage at Golfslag Wassenaar

Would you like to relax extra and get a wonderful holiday feeling? Then a massage by the sea is a very good idea. That is now possible in Wassenaar in collaboration with Golfslag Wassenaar!

A massage outside with a view of the beach and sea is extra enjoyable. You imagine yourself in another world, far away from the daily worries. It’s a mini vacation close to home.

The massages take place in a tent in a quiet corner of the terrace of Golfslag Wassenaar, Wassenaarseslag 33, Wassenaar . There is no view on the massage table from the terrace and the beach, but from the massage table you do have a wonderful view of the beach and sea!

Would you like to book massages for an event?

Do you have a bachelorette day? A girlfriend outing? A company outing with various activities on the beach? A party at Golfslag Wassenaar? You can also book massages for these events, like eg.g foot/leg, arm/hand or neck/shoulder massage. Please contact Golfslag Wassenaar to discuss the options.

Practical information

  • A 45-minute massage costs €50 (preferably pay by card).
  • Afterwards you get a delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino or tea on the terrace of Golfslag Wassenaar.
  • You can come to the massage in your swimming costume (bikini or swimming shorts) or comfortable clothes and you lie on the massage table in your swimming costume (at least your bikini bottom and possibly top) or in your regular underpants. You can also choose to only have a leg/foot , hands/arms or face/head massage.
  • You can put your bag with clothes and other personal items in the massage tent. Unfortunately, there is no room for large objects, such as air mattresses, etc.
  • On busy summer days you will hear more noises around you. Do you want ultimate silence during a massage? Then a massage in my practice is a better idea.

And if the weather is bad?

If the wind, cold or rain is too strong, I will contact you and you can choose to have the massage in my practice or to reschedule.

Experience the holiday feeling on the beach of Wassenaar with a massage at Golfslag Wassenaar

When can you book this massage?

A number of days have been planned for Massage at Sea. Days will continue to be added to this, depending on the weather forecast. You can reserve a spot about 2 weeks in advance. You can do this via the button on this page.

Also keep an eye on my social media channels for the latest updates about massage by the sea.

Can I just come by?

Are you on the beach and do you feel like a massage but haven’t made a reservation? No problem. You can always drop by and we’ll see what’s possible.

And further……

A few more important things before you come:

  • Massage oil does not protect against sunburn. So always apply a sunscreen with a high protection factor after a massage on the beach.
  • Always drink plenty of water or tea after a massage.
  • Do not go directly into the sea after a massage. Your body has warmed up considerably and you feel completely relaxed and sleepy. So give your body time to fully “wake up” again before going back into the sea.


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