Important information regarding COVID-19

Below you will find important measures regarding massage in Massage & Coaching Wassenaar and the Corona virus.

According to the Corona protocol for massage practices, it is recommended that treatment is postponed if:

The client belongs to the risk group. This includes:

  • Abnormalities and functional disorders of the airways and lungs;
  • Chronic heart disease;
  • Diabetes mellitus (diabetes);
  • Severe kidney disease leading to dialysis or kidney transplantation;
  • Reduced resistance to infections: – due to medication for autoimmune diseases, – after organ transplantation, – in hematological disorders (blood diseases), – in congenital or later-developed immune disorders that require treatment, – in chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy of cancer patients; – an HIV infection (in consultation with the practitioner).

The client (or housemate) has one of the following symptoms:

a. (Nose) cold

b. coughing, coughing, or sneezing

c. running nose

d. sore throat

e. higher body temperature (= up to 38 degrees) or fever (> 38 degrees)

f. shortness of breath

g. headache

h. burning eyes

i. tiredness

j. Feeling sick

k. diarrhea

Advice: postpone treatment

So only make an appointment if you and / or your housemates do not have any symptoms of disease.

If you and / or your housemates have been in a risk area (areas with code orange or red) or have been in contact with a person with corona within 14 days before the appointment, I will not treat.

Hygiene measures

The massage room and all materials present are cleaned after each massage. The room is also well ventilated after each client with open windows for fresh air.

Upon entering the practice: disinfect hands with disinfectant present.

If you as a customer want to wear a mouth mask, please bring a clean and unused mouth mask yourself.

If and when advised by the government, I will wear a new, unused mouth mask during the massage that I have available in the practice.

The personal information necessary for obligatory registration comprises of: name, date and time of visit, e-mail address and telephone number. When making an appointment in my practice, you agree with registration for these purposes. This information can only be requested by the regional GGD if necessary. This information will not be used for any other purposes.

If you have any further concerns or questions about my treatments and the Covid-19 virus, please send an e-mail to or a message through the contact form and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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