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I got to know Margriet as a committed woman who is a good listener. She has a sharp ear because of her broad knowledge and sensitivity. During a treatment on the massage table I could leave myself completely to her massage without having the feeling of having to stay with her. I felt the professionalism in her hands and arms that she used during the massage. Should I ever get new pain complaints I would make an appointment again and feel with her exactly what the complaint is. Because I am sure I will get information about it.

Paul Venderbosch

On July 22nd Margriet gave me a full body massage. This was very relaxing – almost fell asleep a couple of times – and I experienced it as very pleasant. Margriet has a very extensive arsenal of grips and techniques and regularly asks if they are experienced as pleasant.Of course she also asked me if I had specific problems – in my case the shoulders – and paid extra attention to that.

 The massage room is very tastefully decorated and the background music and aroma diffuser contribute very well to the relaxation and the whole experience. I really liked the massage oils used by Margriet. In short, a wonderful and professional massage!

I will definitely come back to Margriet regularly and can recommend her massages to others!

Henk Brink

I would like to share my experience about the massage parlor of Margriet Wolters. When I entered the room I was already at rest and the space immediately gives a relaxed atmosphere. What was nice is that she gives you some space to undress and lie down on the massage table which is nice for a full slim lady like myself (it doesn’t look very charming after all) but no one who sees that. A perfect massage is not too hard for me but I would like to feel something. Margriet felt that well and took care of relaxation and at the same time I had the feeling that some muscles were being loosened up. Went away with a lovely relaxed feeling and a body that was recharged. I would definitely say a success and worth repeating!

Sabrina Hassing

I was ready for an hour of relaxation.

In a hurry I walked into Margriet’s house. I had cycled hard. When I entered the massage room a rest immediately came over me. A soothing room with a beautiful wall picture. The massage was very relaxing. With a quiet music in the background Margriet knows how to find the more tense muscles flawlessly. The massage oil smells very nice.

I am very satisfied, and I certainly recommend Margriet.

Christianne Eenhoorn-Timans

You loosen the muscles that are stuck. Especially the muscles in the middle part of my back. You put your finger exactly on the sore spot. You have a nice firm grip, just right. You feel very good where it can be a bit firmer and where more caution is needed.

After the massage I feel wonderfully relaxed. I’m sorry when it’s over again. You are a fantastic masseuse and you have a fine, soothing, professional look. Your client is central.

I’ll be back soon and I can recommend Margriet’s massage to everyone!

Laura Brink

Because of a lot of computer work I suffered from stiff shoulders, neck and back. Margriet massaged this deliciously.

The treatment has brought me relaxation, my muscles are loose again and the tension in neck/back/shoulders has become much less. It’s also a wonderful moment for yourself.

The reception in the practice was very warm and I felt at ease. Margriet indicates what she is going to do and regularly asks if it is that good. I am very satisfied and I would definitely recommend a massage with Margriet to others.

Nicolien Brink

What a recommendation to let Margriet massage you! In a very soothing room, the professional and friendly reception of Margriet is a nice start of a wonderful relaxing massage.  After an hour your whole body is treated in a very pleasant and professional way and all the pains in different parts of the body are gone.   It was a real pleasure and I will definitely come back!

Ingrid Römer-van Lith

As I often have, I came to Margriet busy in my head. She has a very pleasant space, with beautiful colors and materials. Margriet made me feel completely at ease and gave a wonderfully relaxing massage in which she tuned in well to what I needed. Afterwards my body felt smoother and I felt completely relaxed: from my head to my body. Highly recommended!

Maaike Pronk

I can recommend Margriet’s massage to everyone. The massage room looks professional and is nicely and quietly furnished. There is a very soft background music and in the room there is a pure atmosphere. The massage table feels wonderfully clean and soft and Margriet creates a relaxed atmosphere. During the massage it stays nice and quiet, so you can enjoy it intensely. Margriet uses very fine oil that is quite neutral in smell. After more than an hour I feel wonderfully relaxed and it seems as if my body has had a clean-up. That’s such a nice feeling. Highly recommended!

Carla Huisken

The massage treatment was a true relaxation, the blood circulation was felt all the way to the feet. The oil that was used had a fine scent and is soothing to the skin. Also, the music in the background was really relaxed to calm down. And the working method is very professional, Margriet really takes the client’s wishes into account and says nothing at all to make you relax completely. Definitely worth repeating, also nice to give as a present!

Thank you Margriet!

Anneke Turk

I was tired and needed a vacation. Margriet, with her attention, peace and loving touch, called on me to be able to relax completely. That was wonderful! Her massage was just right in terms of pressure, her movements with her hands magical and healing. Margriet radiates professionalism in everything: the space, the music, the oil, her posture and her massage techniques. I can recommend Margriet’s massage to anyone!

Marijke Haisma

The corona troubles of the past few months, made that I had an enormous need for physical relaxation. For a moment nothing but enjoyment. And now that the massage is back, I can make an appointment with Margriet.

A warm welcome, in a beautifully relaxed room, gave me a good feeling. You are immediately inclined to take a seat in one of the chairs that formed a seat. Grab a book, a cup of tea and dream away.

But I come for a body massage of one hour. Seated on the couch that felt soft and warm because of a kind of fleece blanket. Surprising, as I usually lie on some kind of fitted sheet at other salons.

Margriet wanted to know if I had any physical problems or other things she had to take into account. What I really liked is that she really takes that into account. Normally I am on edge anyway. Seems totally unnecessary with her, you can really enjoy from beginning to end. Because that’s what I did in one word, really ‘enjoyed’. The smell of the oil, the soft soothing music in the background, the quiet Margriet, the massage itself. Being able to stay for a while after the massage to have to get up again. Everything is how it should be if you want to have a moment for yourself.

Once again I can’t say otherwise that I enjoyed myself. Would I recommend it to someone else? I sure do. In any case, I can’t wait until the next time.

Petra van Egmond

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