Your head weighs between 5 and 10 kilos. Once the head is tilted 15 degrees downwards, the weight and pressure increase. The weight of the head is then about 12 kilos. With a tilt of 30 degrees, the head already weighs almost 20 kilos. If the head is tilted about 60 degrees, the pressure on the back increases to about 30 kilos (reports Medical Daily)! Sitting on the toilet, the office chair and watching on the mobile phone are not necessarily bad, but the human body has a certain attitude that is not made for the (long-term) use of these products.

“Losing the natural curvature of the spine leads to increasing tension on this,” writes Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj, back and orthopedic surgeon. The spine is at its best when the ears are at the same height as the shoulders and shoulder blades are pushed in. Without this correct posture, extra pressure is put on the back.”

It is estimated that people spend an average of 2 to 4 hours a day on their cell phone or tablet. This means that the neck is very heavily taxed for 700-1400 hours per year. Adding to that the number of hours people watch TV or work behind their desktop computer…..

No wonder we often suffer from our back and neck.

Fortunately, a massage of neck and shoulders can give relief from the symptoms. During a neck and shoulder massage, the deeper tissues are loosened with smooth and calm strokes. Muscle “knots” are tackled more firmly with pressing movements. A single massage can give a nice relief of the complaints. A regular massage can also work preventively. So, book a massage right now (=link)) to experience this.

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