Many people have heard of pregnancy massage that is often given in the side position. But did you also know that for many people it is nice to be massaged in the side position?

Why is side-lying massage so good?

  • it is suitable for people who cannot lie on their back or stomach (for a long time), for example the consequences of a hernia
  • it feels less vulnerable to some than the supine or prone position; it gives a safe and secure feeling
  • neck and shoulders are very easy to reach and treat
  • it is a massage with warm oil and soft, flowing strokes that achieve a wonderful deep relaxation

This makes side-lying massage also very suitable for pregnant women and women who have recently given birth.

How does side-lying massage work?

You sit on the massage table with your underpants on, after which you lie on your favorite side. Your head is supported with a pillow. We also use a pillow for side sleepers that you can use for your legs, but also (if you like) for your stomach and your upper arm. It is important that you are completely comfortable.

The massage

Then I start with a gentle head massage, neck massage and then I go from the back to your legs, feet and through the front of your body I slowly work from your feet back to your head. Then you turn on your other side and I repeat this massage so that your body is fully massaged at the end.

You may occasionally fall asleep during the massage and start to snore. Or maybe your belly is going to bubble up a lot. That’s all fine and a sign that you’re relaxing.

At the end of the massage you take the time to come out of your deep relaxation, you will move your arms and legs again and do some stretching. If it is more difficult for you to sit up again, I will guide you while you have completely wrapped the soft massage cloth. I always accompany pregnant ladies when sitting up and getting off the massage table. You get dressed again and you get a glass of water and then we come to the end. You will now go home very relaxed!

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