Life can be very demanding and hectic. Many of us work hard to meet deadlines, we have many responsibilities and not infrequently we make long working days. In 2020, many will also have to deal with working from home, where conditions are not always ideal for our attitude and for our mental strain.

In many professions and hobbies, our bodies are taxed unilaterally and statically. Not only by people who work a lot with computers and monitors, but also in professions and hobbies where pain and tension easily arise in certain areas of the body, such as dentists, musicians, laboratory workers, physiotherapists, gardeners, pedicures and hairdressers.

A massage is an excellent way to reduce muscle tension and stress. Anyone who ever undergoes a relaxation massage will recognize that this gives a soothing and relaxed feeling. But why is that actually?

When touched, the stimulus of the skin is transmitted to the brain by nerve threads. There, the touch stimuli are processed in the brain region (insula) which is especially responsible for emotional events. Soft and calm touch is experienced here as calming and pleasant.

Actually, not strange when you consider that in nature in many mammals the babies are caressed and licked by their parents. It is a form of comfort and reassurance that gives a safe and relaxed feeling. And who does not recognize that kiss on a scrape that works wonders? Or that arm around your shoulder when you need comfort? You have bumped and automatically you rub the sore spot and the pain becomes less acute. And what about a big hug if you are happy to see someone again? And do you also enjoy a shower in the morning or evening under which you can enjoy the warm water that flows over your body? So, touch is healing.

During the massage, hormones are also produced. Touch creates oxytocin; this hormone ensures that you experience a safe and secure feeling. Serotonin, the counterpart of the stress hormone cortisol, is also produced during a massage. Serotonin is also called the happiness hormone. Because more serotonin is released during massage than stress hormone, you feel relaxed and satisfied. A relaxation massage really leads to stress reduction.

A regular massage therefore has a preventive effect on the stress reduction of body and mind. It benefits both muscles, endocrine systems and digestion. Mentally, a massage is the way to feel better how you are doing. When you regularly undergo a relaxation massage you will discover that you will learn to feel where and how in your body the tension builds up and how you can learn to let go. I also pay close attention to this and give you tips for relaxation that you can use at home.

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